Patrick Abrami

Republican Patrick Abrami is the gold standard for fiscal conservatism. He is everything a New Hampshirite could want in a no-nonsense, skip-the-gun-background-check candidate.

Did you know Abrami sponsored a bill to cut taxes on utilities and leave homeowners with a bigger bill ? What a guy.

Don't forget--he also voted against paid family medical leave . Because we must save the people of New Hampshire from being paid or keeping their insurance while sick or injured! Better yet, let’s prevent the people of New Hampshire from getting that insurance in the first place.

We've heard he even cuts his own hair to save money, just like this guy:

The most efficient cost-savings initiative Abrami has shown so far, however, is his refusal to conform to mainstream liberal technology by purchasing the URL with his own name. URLs are not cheap. It costs at least $12 PER YEAR to purchase a domain name.

That's why the people of New Hampshire can trust Patrick Abrami. You don't have to worry about him wasting money on URLs, employer-covered birth control, or paid time to take care of your sick kids or your ailing parents when they need you. Or haircuts.